Friday, March 16, 2012

Steve Roggenbuck on Crunk Juice (interview)

Steve:  im in austin texas,staying with my friends katie and sam that i met from facebook!
Sent at 10:56 AM on Friday

me:  that's exciting, how long have you been out there

Steve:  about a week, im going to stay here for 2 more weeks,then im going to LA and up the west coast

me:  oh sweet man
are you meeting up with more people that you met on facebook
Sent at 10:58 AM on Friday

Steve:  yeah, actualy as i go west im planning to stay almost entirely with people i havent met in real life before haha.. on the east coast, i had met most of the people before

me:  nice, sounds like a project
Sent at 11:00 AM on Friday

Steve:  its kind of fun and even more its just a practical way for me to do what i want right now, because traveling is cheaper than paying rent, and at this point i can only make a little money doing hwat i want
Sent at 11:02 AM on Friday

me:  so you've been what, basically promoting Crunk Juice
Sent at 11:04 AM on Friday
me:  i'm looking up when that book was released

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Gabby G'abby

me: alright

Gabby: hai
you have been deflowered

me: i have
this is in fact my first gchat ever
and it feels great
i'm enjoying this
and more recently i've had the pleasure of enjoying your latest short story pretty flowers

Gabby: thank you

me: which dropped on valentines day
why don't you tell me some things about that short story
This chat is no longer off the record
Sent at 6:47 PM on Wednesday
me: send that again
i accidentally took us off the record or something

Gabby: send what again?
i didn't say anything yet