Friday, March 16, 2012

Steve Roggenbuck on Crunk Juice (interview)

Steve:  im in austin texas,staying with my friends katie and sam that i met from facebook!
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me:  that's exciting, how long have you been out there

Steve:  about a week, im going to stay here for 2 more weeks,then im going to LA and up the west coast

me:  oh sweet man
are you meeting up with more people that you met on facebook
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Steve:  yeah, actualy as i go west im planning to stay almost entirely with people i havent met in real life before haha.. on the east coast, i had met most of the people before

me:  nice, sounds like a project
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Steve:  its kind of fun and even more its just a practical way for me to do what i want right now, because traveling is cheaper than paying rent, and at this point i can only make a little money doing hwat i want
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me:  so you've been what, basically promoting Crunk Juice
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me:  i'm looking up when that book was released