Thursday, April 14, 2016

Explanations of 5 Tweets I Posted Yesterday

My name is Jesse Prado and this is the first entry I'm making to my senior project. The subject of my senior project is the writing process. In other words what makes writers of any kind write, so I thought why not pick out five of your favorite tweets from yesterday, and explain to yourself, why you posted them, in order to explain to yourself, and possibly others, what your tweeting process is.

If my professor's okay with this it will be one of five "deliverables"/articles that I have to post and share through two more of my own social media outlets; if it isn't it will be one of 10. I'm already guessing it will be one of 10 because I'm already hoping it's the last thing I ever post like it. In any case, here are five explanation of five tweets I posted yesterday.

"Hi this is Jesse Prado from Twitter"

This was just a way I thought of approaching everyone about my senior project. Whenever I approach a professor, I say, Hi Professor so-and-so, this is Jesse Prado from whatever class I have with them, followed by the reason for why I'm emailing. This is easier when you have a job because then you can follow your name up with whatever company, or publication you work for. It gives you a title. Titles enhance the possibility of you getting a response, so I thought saying I write for Twitter would be funny.

"Everyone thinks I'm a zine"

This was about a drawing of my partners that I posted on Tumblr. I was on my way to a friends' house when I saw how good it was doing. This made me think about the Uber we took from Culver City to the convention center, AWP, two weeks ago, when I showed someone we were riding with how good another one of my posts, from a long time ago, was doing. Referring to himself, he said, I need to submit to Cole World and I was like, I am Cole World. This is my blog. I don't think he heard me, so this drawing of my partners made me wonder if this would somehow reinforce this theory of my blog not being mine.

"Hell is having to watch"

Originally this was drafted in my head as "Hell is having to watch this." We were watching a scene from Cat Woman starring Halle Berry where she's playing basketball with co-star Benjamin Bratt, when one of my friends considered it a form of torture, and I think they said Hell too, so in essence they're partially responsible for this tweet. Drafting it in my head felt Sartrean, or Existential, plus I actually think that's what hell would be to me. Not this particular scene from Cat Woman, played over again and again on repeat, but having to watch anything in general for that amount of time.

"Careful my phone"

My friend bounced a ball off a portion of a wall where my phone was located, so I said this, and he said, it's nowhere near your phone. Little did he know I was drafting a tweet that felt consistent enough. Little did I know that ball was going to hit me in the chest later.

"Typed Fb into Fb's search box"

I actually did this before I went to bed. I've tweeted this in other ways before, because I've done it in other ways before so many times. I probably tweet this every time it happens.

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