Thursday, May 5, 2016

Notes from 3 Recorded Interviews I Did w 3 Writers I know from the Internet

These are notes I took away from recorded interviews I had with three writers I know from the internet, Paul Hanson Clark, Steve Roggenbuck, and Zachary Cosby. The subject of each of the interviews was social media. I wanted to see how much of their social media is used in their poetry to see if social media is an integral part of their writing process. This is what I walked away with. Just try to enjoy please

Sample of Paul Hanson Clark's writing

Interview I: Paul Hanson Clark

I published this poem of Paul's on Monday as a prompt submission to my press's Tumblr, Be About It. This month's prompt is 150 words/less, it's on theft, and we're accepting submissions until the end of May at Paul lives in Nebraska, and I got to know him through twitter, and more so after reading with him last year in Minneapolis, when I noticed he had a chapbook out with another writer I know through twitter named Justin Ryan Fyfe, so I hit Paul up about it and he sent me a PDF copy of that title, I Want More Life Fucker, along with another title, fireball in the please mine, which they wrote more recently. I Want More Life Fucker was a 2013 release through independent press Spice, written with a writer he met through Facebook Lucy Tiven, while the other one was written with another friend of theirs Amanda Huckins in 2015 under the same press. fireball in the please mine was put together for a tour they were about to go on and where there are references to Paul's twitter account throughout, he says none of the poems he wrote for it are from twitter. Though, he thinks his co-writer, Justin, probably pulled a lot of his poems from Tumblr.
Sample of Steve Roggenbuck's writing
Interview II: Steve Roggenbuck

I don't know what this citation is from, but Steve is from Michigan and he's the founding editor of independent publishing press boosthouse, and his last two self-published poetry collections, IF U DONT LIKE THE MOON YOUR AN ASS HOLE (2013), and, LIVE MY LIEF (2015), were almost entirely comprised of tweets. Another example of Steve's poetry would probably be his videos. He puts a lot of work into them. You can tell by the way they're edited, the opening sequence of this one. As far as the writing goes there isn't any. He just turns the camera on, and talks, for as long as he can before he stops recording. Then all the best takes are compiled into one. It's just like thinking before a camera for a really long time, I guess. I asked him if he'd ever consider doing an unedited one and I don't think he liked the idea very much at all.

Sample of Zachary Cosby's writing

Interview III: Zachary Cosby

This is a sample from a horoscope Oregon based Writer and Publisher Zachary wrote for theEEEL. Last year he started his online lit zine Fog Machine and released his first chapbook Cave with independent publishing house BottleCap Press. More recently he hid all of his Tumblr posts, so all you can see there now is a resume that consists of a list of publications he's done in both online and print. I assumed he hid all of his posts because he used them for his chapbook, but he told me he doesn't publishing anything from there. I think Cave was his masters thesis/a part of it. I can't remember. In any case, if he's reading, I would like a physical/pdf review copy;

Thank you

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